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3-Way (Triplanar) Ankle Exercises:

Functional Mobility/Stability Program

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Cat & camel: On all fours, drop your belly towards the floor. Lift your chin and chest, and gaze up toward the ceiling.  Next, draw your belly to your spine and round your back toward the ceiling. 10x.

Puppy Dog: On all fours as if pulling pelvis toward armpit, shift hips side to side in pain free range. 10x each side

Windshield Wipers Hips: On all fours, rotate both legs out to the side, then back in toward the middle, then to other side. 10x

Single Knee to Chest: bring one knee up towards chest, pull for 2 count, alternate 5x

Double Knee to Chest: bring both knees up at the same time, pull for 2 count, 5x

Lower Trunk Rotation (side to side): with knees bent, rotate side to side, 5x

QL stretch: Lying on your back, cross L leg over the R and pull leg down toward L side. Allow hips to rotate to feel a stretch in your back. 30 sec each side.

Piriformis Stretch: Lying on back, pull knee into opposite armpit, keeping hips from lifting off table. Feel stretch in buttocks & hold for 30 sec each side.

Alternating hip abduction:  standing next to railing, gain balance then lift leg out to side, remaining stable, don’t let shoulders move. Alternate 10x each side

Alternating hip extension: stand up nice and tall, bring one leg back behind slightly, don’t let shoulders lean forward. Alternate 10x

Hip Extension/Adduction Taps (Leg Cross): Standing with good posture in front of the counter/railing for support, bring one leg back and tap foot on floor behind opposite foot. Alternate 10x each side

Dynamic IT Band stretch:  Standing facing wall, bring one leg behind other. Gently reach up and across with one arm (same side as back leg) until you feel a stretch in side and in the buttocks and down the side of the leg. Alternate sides 5x.

4-way Core on Table:

  • Modified Core: Plank on knees, focus on keeping back straight/flat. Hold for 30 seconds
  • Modified Side Plank Lift : Lying on side with knees bent, lift hips off table and bring them forward to align knees, hips, shoulders.  Just lift, then return to surface. 10x each side
  • Bridge: Lying on back, both knees bent, push down and lift butt up. 10x
  • Quadruped Leg Extension: On all fours, extend one leg straight out behind you. Focus on keeping your back and pelvis flat. Alternate 10x each side.