IMG_0328Bob Brewster, PT, OCS

Since graduating from Northeastern, with a BS in Physical Therapy, Bob has accrued more than 25 years of orthopedic manual therapy and sports medicine experience, with over 5 years as owner of Cape Coastal PT.

In 2011 Bob became a board certified orthopedic clinical specialist (OCS) through the American Physical Therapy Association and is eligible for Manual Therapy Certification (MTC) through St. Augustine University (Stanley Paris).

Bob’s treatment approach combines highly skilled manual and functional therapy.  After a comprehensive evaluation, Bob and the patient develop a treatment plan to achieve functional goals. Bob places a strong emphasis on evidenced based practice, ie. what the latest research shows as most effective treatment. Bob will work hard to return you to your prior level of function, whether it’s work, running or sport as quickly as possible.

When he is not working, Bob is an avid runner, and has completed 5 marathons. He also enjoys spending time with his family, wife MajTuri and twins Kate and Connor. Bob also likes hiking, surfing, coaching and volunteering on the youth soccer board, and running functional workouts for his kids’ sports teams.

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