Dated: 2/15/2014

I have been playing sports my whole life.  Basketball has always been my favorite, but since 1990 I have enjoyed competing in triathlons and road races.  Without the help and expert care of Bob Brewster, I would have been forced to hang up my sneakers a long time ago.  He has helped me recover from so many injuries I can’t even remember all of them  Two in particular stand out – a chronic bad back and a chronic pulled calf muscle.  I remember hurting my calf a few weeks before the Falmouth Road Race back in the late 90’s.  I have competed in this race every year since 1983.  I figured after hurting my calf (yet again) in a July Triathlon that my streak was over, but Bob took me in right away, and worked with me for three weeks, Thanks to him I was able to keep my streak alive.


In addition to helping me, Bob has also helped two of my children recover from injuries.  My son is a college baseball pitcher, and Bob has been instrumental in keeping him on the mound.  Bob has helped George Jr. recover from both a serious shoulder problem and an injured elbow.  My daughter Molly (high school basketball and soccer player) has had two serious injuries (knee and hip).  Bob has worked with her on both injuries and he has kept her on the soccer field and the basketball court.  Just like me, they both swear by him.


The amazing thing about Bob is that he not only helps you recover, but he gives you creative exercises that strengthen your muscles and improve your balance so that injuries do no re-occur.  (Bob spends an incredible amount of time reading and researching whenever a client comes to him.  I have never seen a more dedicated healthcare professional.  On top of everything else, he is a very nice man with a heart of gold!

George B


Bob is amazing!  The only PT health professional to successfully reduce my pain with a chronic hip pain and sciatic pain issue.  I’ve seen 3 PTs, a chiropractor, 4 orthopedists, 2 acupuncturists, and many sports massage therapists, and no one has been able to tackle the problem and make me feel better like Bob can.  Even more impressive, I have only been able to see him 1-3x in a row once per year, since I live out of town, but visiting him still has lasting positive effects.  Not only is Bob extraordinarily competent, but he is friendly, invested and lovely to talk to.  I can’t recommend Bob highly enough!

Molly T


August 2019

It’s said that “getting old is not for the faint of heart” but my recent recovery from hip surgery and associated back pain was surprisingly quick! Thanks, of course, to Bob Brewster’s focused PT regimen. As a new area of concern popped up, Bob addressed exercises towards a successful outcome! Thanks, Bob, for all your help and expertise!

Pat P.